Why US United Together?

time to hit the reset button - Trish, founder US United TogetherUS United Together is a sort of passion project for me.

I’ve felt this overwhelming need to hit the proverbial “Reset” button and remind folks that We The People are all humans first and foremost. We have way more similarities than differences.

  • We are not our jobs
  • We are not our fears
  • We are not our political parties
  • We are not any of the circumstances or influences that are outside of us.

We are ALL souls having a human experience.

We are living, breathing, feeling beings way before we are ever touched by external influences.

We were not born to hate or to hurt others. We were born out of love to love.

In this day and age of devices attached to our eyes and ears, we are continually inundated with constant external noise and images. These external influences numb our own sense of being, and penetrate our mind so deeply, that we identify ourselves by those external influences. We have become detached from our true selves and the true meaning of this gift of life we’ve been given.

Let me ask you a question…

How do you feel when you look deeply into the eyes of a baby? I bet most of you can’t help but smile, and maybe even tear up just a little bit out of the pure innocence they exude. That pure being that you see, that you feel…THAT is our soul. Our true essence. Our true self. Take away all the noise from this world, and THAT is what we are left with. And THAT is what we ALL, most assuredly, have in common.

A Wound that Needs Healing…

Heal a wound by stitching it's sides togetherOur nation has a gigantic, gaping wound that has been developing over a number of years now.

A gaping wound, by nature, cannot heal by pulling its sides in opposite directions. The wound will only get larger and larger until it is unrepairable.

  • Politicians can’t fix it.
  • Religion can’t fix it.
  • Big business can’t fix it.
  • No special-interest group can fix it.

They are too immersed and focused on gaining power and serving themselves rather than meeting in the middle to best serve We the people of this nation.

Steps Towards Healing…

In order to heal our nation, we have to heal us as a people. We the people have to remember who WE truly are. We have to tune out the external noise, quiet our minds and remember, that pure soul that resides within each and every one of us. We need to look across the table deeply into each other’s eyes. And we need to truly HEAR each other, without preconceived responses in the ready, all to better understand one another.

Understanding doesn’t mean that we have to agree with each other. After all, differing opinions are an integral part of any democracy… but a democracy cannot thrive if We the People cannot find a common ground – a middle road that serves us all. Endeavoring to understand each other, helps in connecting us and even might help us empathize with one another – even if just a little bit.

  • Understanding each other leads us to finding common ground.
  • Common ground reminds us that we have so much more in common than we do differences.
  • Remembering our commonalities leads to a united people.
  • And We as a united people are unstoppable.

Our Choice…

We all have a choice. To continue to allow the external noise to control our story, our narrative (politics as usual). Or, to choose to control our own story by leading with our pure, true selves and reaching for that common ground that will empower us all and save our democracy.

United We Stand, Together We Thrive.

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